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ATTENTION:  You are about to learn the secret to the golf swing!

"Discover How the Perfect Swing of Iron Byron Can Have You Splitting Fairways, Crushing Drives and Lowering Your Scores!"

Are you searching for the perfect golf swing or trying to learn the proper golf swing mechanics? How about trying to cure your golf slice or fix any other swing flaw? If this is you, Swing Machine Golf will give you a new lease on your golfing life!

My name is Paul Wilson. I’ve been a professional golf instructor for almost 20 years. As you keep reading, you're about to learn how I went from being totally frustrated with my game for over 10 years, to having crystal clear focus on every shot. How I totally eliminated any and all guess-work when I went to the practice range. And, how I'm instantly able to cure any swing flaw in golf. Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same? Well, you can! Thousands of golfers just like you have already learned the things that I mentioned above. Now you can join them.

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Learning the Proper Golf Swing Mechanics

When I first learned how to play golf, I became a self-taught scratch golfer at the age of 17. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. I had a bit of a bad stretch when I was 19 where my game wasn't as sharp as it could've been. This got me thinking that I better learn the proper mechanics of the golf swing so I could fix it in times like these.

After taking my very first golf lesson from my Head Pro, I went out and shot 96! He changed absolutely everything in my swing. Needless to say, I was devastated. Here I am a scratch golfer and now I can't break an egg! This nightmare continued for the next week so I was desperate to get another lesson. Surely, he could get me back on track? Nope. These terrible scores continued. I don't know if you've ever thought about quitting the game but it was so bad I actually quit did quit for 2 years!

I Tried Everything but Nothing Worked!

When I got back into golf again, I gave myself a 5 year plan to become a tour player. I figured this would be long enough to determine if I could make the tour or not.

As I practiced, I was a total perfectionist. I took tons of lessons from some of the top teachers in the world, I read countless books, watched a bunch of videos, tried every tip and training aid I could get my hands on. Oh yeah, I also had a shag bag that held 90 balls. I would hit it 12 times a day, every day 7 days a week. I never took days off (that's why I have no disc left in my lower back).

What did this get me? Nothing. As much as I studied and practiced, nothing worked because no one could ever give me the answers I was looking for. It's little wonder because no one had proof as to why I had to have certain mechanics that would allow me to create a consistent golf swing. So without answers, I spent over 10 years spinning my wheels and getting frustrated. So much for my 5 year plan.

The Turning Point

As luck would have it, I saw Iron Byron hit a ball one day. It was quite simply the model for the perfect golf swing that I had been searching for all those years – I just saw it differently this time, as a golfer, not a robot. That’s when the light bulb went off. My mind was now crystal clear and I became incredibly consistent. It gets even better: If I did hit a poor shot, I instantly knew how to fix it by going back to Iron Byron. Take it from me, it really was that simple.

Think About It Logically

I realize when you first look at the Iron Byron, you may not see the big picture. You just have to think about it logically:

1. Iron Byron hits the ball perfectly - every single time – whether it's using irons or woods.
2. It's simple to understand. There are only 3 fundamentals that allow the Iron Byron to hit perfect shots.
3. Here’s the kicker: It was modeled after the legendary Byron Nelson's golf swing!


Still Don't See It?

I realize that you still may not understand how Iron Byron can totally improve your golf game. I know this because I've had people tell me the machine's legs don't move, it doesn't have a body, and it only has one arm.  In order for you to understand it better, I've included an interview with the inventor of Iron Byron; George Manning. Take a minute to watch it now. It's important that you hear what George has to say.

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No More Confusion or Frustration

So now you've given Iron Byron a second look, you're thinking how's it going to help me? Well, all you have to do is incorporate the 3 elements of Iron Byron into your own swing and I can help you do that. You see, my teaching is simple. Why would I teach you 10 different things and get you all confused when the Iron Byron only has 3 fundamentals? This means you don't have to get overwhelmed or confused any more. After understanding the machine, and incorporating the mechanics of Iron Byron into your own swing, you'll finally know exactly what to work on. There's no more guess-work!

I Don't Want You to Be All Mechanical

Some people think that because the Iron Byron is a robot I want them to be all mechanical when they swing. This couldn't be further from the truth. If the person was all mechanical, or robotic looking, they would be way too stiff and they would have a lot of tension in their swing.

Well, think about the Iron Byron for a second. The machine has no tension. If they locked the hinge at the end of the arm, it wouldn't hit the ball anywhere! So why would I want anyone to be all stiff and locked up? This would definitely kill your golf swing.

Use the Perfect Swing Model

I remember back to a round that I was playing when I was 17 years old. We were playing with a gentleman who had to be in his late 70's. As we walked down the fairway, he turned to me and said that my swing looked just like Jack Nicklaus's swing. At the time, this couldn't have made me happier because I was trying to copy Jack.

Years later, when a flatter swing was more popular, I was trying to copy Ben Hogan. This made my swing way too flat which made me hit the ball short and to the right or with a big hook. Because copying Ben Hogan made me too flat, I had to copy Fred Couples to get my swing more upright again!

My final change was when David Leadbetter came on the scene and turned Nick Faldo into the best golfer in the world. So, I decided to model my swing after his. I tell you I was really messed up back then.

In looking back at all these tour pros that I tried to copy, I really wasn't doing myself any favors. That's because these guys were not 100% perfect. Golf is a consistency game, yet, here I am trying to copy tour pros who aren't even 75% consistent.

The moral of the story is, if you're looking to model your swing after someone, or something, why wouldn't you look for something that was perfect? Iron Byron is only perfect model to learn the swing.

The Best of 2 Worlds


I have been struggling with my golf swing for over 20 years. I have gone from the natural swing to the unnatural swing and everything in between.

Your series has made the difference, stabilized my swing and brought back some golf sanity and fun from all the myriad of instructions out there, and there are hundreds.

Modeling the technique and teaching after the most consistent golfer, Iron Byron, is technically sound and physically doable.

Your delivery is articulate and easy to understand, your methodology is unique and makes sense. You were able to enhance the feel of the golf swing with sound mechanics. The best of 2 worlds.

Thanks again,

R. Kabbany

Sounds Great Paul But I
Don't Have Time to Practice

This is one of the things I hear all the time and I can totally understand it. People are working more then ever. They have kids and all sorts of commitments. Well, I kept this in mind when I created Swing Machine Golf. You see, I don't need, or want you to hit a lot of golf balls. If you can make it to the range that's great but all I just need you to be able to do are practice swings. That's right! If you can just do practice swings at home you can learn Swing Machine Golf.  How many? All you have to do are 25-50 practice swings per night, 4-5 nights per week, you can learn my method lightening fast. I say this because I've proven it:

95 To 75 in 2 Months Without
Hitting A Single Practice Ball

When I was the Director of Instruction at the Angus Glen Golf Club, I had one of the bag drop guys approach me and asked if I could give him lessons. Just so you get the picture this guy was about 6'2” probably 230lbs and a 95 shooter.

I wanted to test my method so I made him a deal. I said I would teach him for free under one condition: he couldn't hit any practice balls. He could play as much as he wanted and he could work on his short game but NO practice balls. He agreed, so we got at it.

Each week for the next 8 weeks, I gave him one 10 minute lesson (we didn't hit any balls during the lesson). I just showed him the positions then he would do practice swings at home. The results ... 2 months later he shot 75! He did this without hitting any practice balls at all. I know he wasn't lying about this because he said his mother was mad at him for ripping up the backyard. True story!

My Father's Story

One winter I was helping my dad (a 14 handicapper) in his warehouse. He came up to me one day and said that he would like me to help him with his swing. Now keep in mind, my dad had never asked me for advice EVER!

In disbelief, I said sure let's get started. He agreed so we walked over to some big mirrored doors he had. While he was watching himself in the mirror, I started to work on his positioning. We did this 3-4 times a week for the next couple of months. Remember, it was winter so he did not hit any balls.

After the warehouse sessions, I moved about an hour away. Over the next few months he came to see me for 3 lessons. By mid-summer he was down to a 7 handicap and by September he shot 72 and won the senior event at his club (Elmira Golf Club). He was 62 at the time. Another true story!

Is This Just Another Golf Product?

I know you've probably bought tons of golf books, videos and training aids and taken expensive golf lessons in the past and saw no improvement in your game. As I said earlier, I did too and nothing worked! Why? Because in order to develop a consistent golf swing, you need to work on all 3 of the elements of Iron Byron. And, you need proof as to why you are working on them so it all makes sense.

What makes Swing Machine Golf different is, I'm not pulling the things I teach out of thin air. Everything I teach is based of proof. If the Iron Byron does it, you should too.

Think about it. If we have a machine that hits the ball perfectly and it was modeled after one of the best golfers of all time why would you not want use it? Well, I'm using it because I see the importance of it and I get incredible results with my students. Don't take my word for it. Over 3,000 people have sent it testimonials. Here are just a few:

The Holy Grail of Golf



I recently purchased the book and DVD set and as an avid collector of golf books, videos and DVD's I can speak with some authority and honestly say you are top of the pile - by a long way. This is golf instruction at its finest and purest. I love it!

Please let me know when the short game follow up DVD set is available. I'll purchase by return of email.

Many thanks
(A very satisfied customer)
Paul Gale

A Real One-Two Punch

"Now that I have been using the DVDs, the book is getting more attention as well. I now use the book for a convenient quick reference when I don't have time to boot the DVDs up.

Watching Paul in action on the DVDs as he explains and demonstrates the various parts of the swing has resulted in a much better understanding of the same principles as they are described in the book.

It's a real one-two punch and I am now seeing some real positive results that were very slow in coming before."

Frank Kepley

Cure Your Slice and All Other Swing Flaws

Curing your slice is a no-brainer once you relate it back to Iron Byron. With Swing Machine Golf, you'll learn the 2 things you must do in order to cure your slice and start splitting the fairways (my personal record curing someone's slice with these 2 things is 1:56 seconds ... we timed it).

Swing Machine Golf doesn't just cure your slice though, it helps you fix any swing flaw, from hooks, pulls, pushes, topped shots and shanks. Swing Machine Golf will get your game back on track in a matter of minutes.

So there you have it. All you have to do is relate your swing back to Iron Byron and you will instantly diagnose your problem and apply the correct fix.

This is an absolutely amazing opportunity you can't miss out on...

Here's a Small Sample of What
You'll Discover in Swing Machine Golf:

Learn how to cure all swing flaws using the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron.
Learn the 3 fundamentals in every great golf swing because as the inventor of Iron Byron, George Manning says, all pros have the 3 elements of the machine.
How to trigger your downswing to get you on the right swing plane. I don't just teach 1 downswing trigger, I teach 3 different triggers so you can use the best one for your swing.
Learn specific drills that will help you re-enforce all 3 areas of the swing.
Learn an efficient Swing. The inventor of Iron Byron choose Byron Nelson Because he had the most efficient swing which means that least amount of effort for the best result.
How to practice properly on the range and at home ... most people do this all wrong and end up ingraining their old swing instead of their new one.
How to prevent human nature from sabotaging your swing! Swing Machine Golf unlocks the mystery of why you have not been improving all these years!
Learn specific feedback that will tell you when you're doing the Positions Right! Like I said, there is no guess-work with my method! No one teaches this stuff!
How to take your new swing to the golf course ... and how to overcome performance hurdles like breaking 100, 90 or 80 for the first time.
And Much, Much More!
Sample Lesson
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Success Is Within Your Reach

Great golf doesn't have to be just for the lucky few. With the knowledge you'll gain by understanding Iron Byron and how it relates to the human golf swing, as well as me personally walking you through all of the lessons and tutorials in this series, you'll develop a great swing and end your frustration.

Now, there’s an important decision to be made …

You could, for example, choose to do nothing ... go on from here alone ... continuing to be frustrated, continue trying to figure out the golf swing on your own, continue to wonder what you should be working on when you slice the ball, or when you lose your swing etc.

Or, you can join the thousands of golfers just like you who are rocketing their games to the next level. Remember, there is absolutely no risk. I guarantee that Swing Machine Golf will give you the swing you've been dreaming of - or your money back.

A "Winner"


I purchased your book last year and I was impressed by the quality and effectiveness of your teaching. Now the DVD set just makes the whole package more than perfect (what a DVD, amazing!). The quality, set-up and organization is great.

I have read and viewed a lot of golf books and DVDs, but yours is by far a winner. I wish you lots of success and thank you for your generous insight."

Rod Magsoudi

It's So Cool!

"Hi Paul.
I love my Swing-Machine-Golf DVD's (and the book also)!

After watching the introduction section of the first DVD (that shows you and the Iron Byron swinging together) my sons (7 & 10 years old) said
they didn't think that an instructional DVD could be so cool!

It's great to be able to watch your swing and the Iron Byron in motion."

Bill Klein

"5 Good Reasons to Buy"

1. Learn from the perfect model. Iron Byron hits the ball perfectly every time; professionals DO NOT.  Therefore, there is no better model to learn from.
2. No more guess-work.  With Swing Machine Golf you will finally understand exactly what you should be working on and how to fix any swing flaw in golf instantly.
3. It's simple.  Included in the DVD series are 10 easy-to-follow lessons that allow you to build a great swing faster than you every imagined.
4. Gain more power and consistency.  Once you work on the lessons you will not only hit the ball farther with less effort but you will also become incredibly accurate.
5. It works. To date, we have sold over 17,000 products and received over 3,000 testimonials.  Now you have a chance to join them.

“How Much Is This Training
Going to Cost Me?”

Allow me to explain...

I charge $200 per hour for 1 private lesson. What I'm offering is my  exact same method that I teach to all of my students.  It includes 10 easy-to-follow lessons and 6 tutorials at a fraction of the cost.

You've probably paid hundreds for the latest training aids that claim to instantly fix your golf swing. Never again will you waste your money on these devices so Swing Machine Golf will pay for itself.

How much does a new driver cost?... If you were to buy a new driver, you would spend approximately $400. After a few weeks, it will probably end up in your basement collecting dust.  This is the money you should be spending on developing a perfect golf swing instead of falling for the latest fad.

You pay $40-$50 for a dozen golf balls and end up losing most of them in one round. After you learn my method you will become more consistent than ever so you won't lose many balls.  After all, it's hard to lose balls in the middle of the fairway!


Now, My Friend, the Rest is Up to You …

Great golf doesn't have to be just for the lucky few.  With the knowledge you will gain by understanding Iron Byron and how it relates to the human golf swing you will play the best golf of your life!

Golf Instructional DVD Videos

90 Day Money Back Guarantee - You Have Nothing to Lose!


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Golf Instruction Video

I really appreciate the time you took to learn about Swing Machine Golf.  I know it can be tough to choose a method to follow but Swing Machine Golf really does work.  That's because it's based on proof.  No other method can say that!


Paul Wilson

P.S. - Please don't miss out on this opportunity. Swing Machine Golf really will lower your scores.

P.P.S. - Remember, your success is totally guaranteed!  If you follow the steps I give you and you still can't make it work, I'll refund the purchase price no questions asked.


I just finished watching disc #3 and I have one comment to make, "Awesome." I've decided that I'm going to watch all the dvd's one at a time and take notes. This is too valuable stuff to just play once and that's it.. I need notes to help retain all this "good teaching."

I told my wife, who is new to the game, that she has to look at these dvd's. She's an arm swinger, just like me, so how much will this help her? Plenty! And me, Enormously!

Ever faithful and thankful,

Edward Kodatt

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