Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  The Iron Byron doesn't look anything like a human golfer, so how can it possibly be used as a model for learning the perfect golf swing?

ANSWER.  Although at first glance the Iron Byron doesn't look like a human, you have to keep in mind that it was modeled after the swing of golfing legend Byron Nelson ... so a similarity was definitely intended by George Manning and his team of engineers when they built the machine.

In order to see the similarity, you just have to look at it in a different way.
There is a motor beneath the machine's arm that turns a drive shaft that's directly connected to the arm ... so when the motor turns the drive shaft, it causes the arm to move and start the club swinging down. The arm cannot move independently of the drive shaft. It can only move if the motor powers the drive shaft.

The first big difference to understand between man and the machine is that the machine's legs do NOT represent the golfer's legs; it is the machine's motor that represents the golfer's legs. The machine’s drive shaft is equivalent to the golfer's upper body, and the single metal arm is equivalent to the golfer's fully extended left arm during the downswing to impact (and the fully extended right arm past impact) ... so when you turn your legs in a circular motion, this is the motor that makes your hips and upper body turn like the drive shaft of the machine, which causes your extended left arm to move and start the club swinging down toward the ball.

The second big difference to understand is that the machine was NOT designed to do a backswing, just a downswing …so it uses only a downswing plane. Human golfers however, need to create a separate backswing plane in order to get the club into the "slot" at the top of the backswing. Swing Machine Golf explains how to consistently create a backswing plane that gets the club into exactly the same position as Iron Byron at the top. From this position you will be able to replicate the machine’s perfect downswing.

It is important to note that, just like the machine, your arms should NOT move independently of your turning upper body. In the DVDs, George Manning explains that all of their research verified it was the big muscles of the body that should be used to power the golf swing, NOT the little muscles of the arms. This settles the long-standing debate about whether the perfect golf swing is an arms swing or a body swing ... it is indeed, a body swing. Swing Machine Golf will show you how to stop using your arms and start using your body to gain explosive distance and consistently straighter shots. When you master how to do this, your swing will look and feel absolutely effortless.

QUESTION:  Is Swing Machine Golf teaching the traditional golf swing or is it a different kind of swing like Natural Golf?

ANSWER.  Swing Machine Golf teaches the traditional swing that you see all the Tour Pros using every week on TV. It just does it in a way that is much simpler to understand and easy to master because it is based on the 3 key elements that give the Iron Byron a perfect golf swing. Only two of those elements move ... what could be simpler than that!

QUESTION:  What are the advantages of Swing Machine Golf compared to other golf teaching methods?

ANSWER.  Swing Machine Golf shows you exactly how the golf swing works in the simplest of terms. There is no more searching for the answers. As soon as you understand the 3 elements of Iron Byron and how they relate to your swing, you will be able to clear your head of all the physics typically included in traditional golf teaching methods. If you just focus on the 3 elements of the machine, all of the physics will just happen automatically to return your clubface squarely to the ball at impact, producing straight and powerful shots time after time.

With Swing Machine Golf, you’ll learn how the 3 elements of Iron Bryon each control a different aspect of ball flight, and how to use this to quickly diagnose and fix your own swing flaws. You will no longer need to experiment with different tips and tricks in order to hit the ball well because you will immediately know exactly what to work on.

Included in Swing Machine Golf, are easy-to-follow lessons and tutorials that have been tested and refined with golfers of all ages and skill levels to create a method that gets results fast and is simple enough for everyone to understand.

QUESTION:  I’m a beginner golfer. How can Swing Machine Golf help me?

ANSWER.  As a beginner, you will have a huge advantage with Swing Machine Golf, because you won’t have to "unlearn" years of bad habits. Instead of thinking that golf is a really complicated sport to learn, you’ll discover using Swing Machine Golf that it really is as easy as 1-2-3 because the Iron Byron has only 3 key elements and only 2 of them move. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

QUESTION:  I’ve been golfing for a few years now and I’m scoring between 85 and 95 on a regular basis. How can Swing Machine Golf help me?

ANSWER.  If you are an average player shooting 85 to 95, chances are really good that one of the things preventing you from scoring lower is a wicked slice. With Swing Machine Golf we have included a tutorial on "How to Cure the Slice" forever. Once the slice is gone you’ll be able to keep it in the short grass and out of the trouble that is causing your scores to balloon.

If distance is a problem for you now, Swing Machine Golf will show you how to stop using your arms and start using your body to hit the ball much farther with much less effort.
Another thing you may be doing at this level is trying every tip your read, and listening to your friends who aren't pros because you are looking for a quick fix. This unfortunately leads to inconsistency that prevents you from scoring lower. Swing Machine Golf helps you avoid this problem by showing you exactly how the golf swing works, so there will be no doubt in your mind what you need to work on or how you should be working on it.

QUESTION:  I’m already shooting in the high 70’s. What benefits can I expect from Swing Machine Golf?

ANSWER.  If you are shooting in the high 70’s, at this stage of your learning, you may only be doing one or two things wrong, or you may find errant shots creeping into your game and have no understanding what is causing them. Instead of spending days experimenting and searching for the answer, you just have to relate your swing back to the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron for an INSTANT fix. Because each element controls a different element of ball flight, you will instantly know what is causing your errant shots and what element of the Iron Byron you need to work on to fix the problem on your very next swing. By quickly nipping any swing faults in the bud, you will be able to keep your golf swing consistent and keep your golf scores consistently low.

QUESTION:  I’m getting a little older and I've lost a lot of flexibility. There is no way I can make a full shoulder turn any more. Will Swing Machine Golf still work for me?

ANSWER.  Swing Machine Golf works for all golfers, even ones with restricted flexibility. By understanding Iron Byron, you will quickly come to the conclusion that distance is not created by how far you can coil your shoulders back, but by the ratio you create between your shoulders, hips and knees while doing so. Swing Machine Golf shows you how to create the proper ratio, resulting in more power than you even thought possible with very minimal effort. In the DVDs you will see that the creator of Swing Machine Golf, Paul Wilson, can turn his shoulders by only about 80 degrees instead of the ideal 90 degrees, yet he can still hit his driver 300 yards!

QUESTION:  I’m a woman golfer, and I’m not getting very much distance with any of my clubs. How can Swing Machine Golf help me?

ANSWER.  When the golf club hits the ball it compresses on the clubface for a split second. It is this compression that causes the ball to spring off of the face at a high rate of speed to boost distance. Most woman never generate enough clubhead speed to get the ball to compress on the clubface like this, so they see all of their clubs hit the ball about the same distance. With Swing Machine Golf, women will learn to use the big muscles of their body to effortlessly get their clubs swinging fast enough to get the distance benefits of ball compression for each of the clubs in their bag. Hitting the golf ball a long way isn’t about brute strength. Instead it’s all about proper technique. Look no further than Michelle Wie for proof that a woman doesn’t have to be muscle bound to hit the ball 280 yards.

QUESTION:  Is Swing Machine Golf suitable for teaching children how to play golf?

ANSWER.  We have had many reports that children love watching the Iron Byron swing in our new DVD video series, and a few have even said "it's cool". Because the Iron Byron is so interesting to watch, it easily captures the attention of children and makes them eager to learn how to replicate its perfect golf swing. Children will also find it easy to learn because they only have to remember 3 key elements instead of the finer points of physics.

The younger the child is, the easier the learning will be because they will not have enough arm strength to manipulate the club in any way. They will find it quite natural to use the big muscles of their body to power the swing. The older they get, the more they will want to hit with their arms, so they’ll have to work harder to keep them passive and let the big muscles do the work.

QUESTION:  I have problems with my lower back. Will I still be able to use Swing Machine Golf?

ANSWER.  The main reason people have back problems is because they are swinging incorrectly. Usually they are swinging using a lateral motion that compresses the lower spine at both the top of the backswing and the end of the follow-through. If you incorporate the 3 elements of Iron Byron into your golf swing, you will learn how to coil and uncoil your torso in the correct circular motion instead, thus alleviating lower back pain. Swing Machine Golf is also based on the principles of physics and forces, not brute strength. Because of this, you will be swinging within your ability and still hitting the ball long and straight.