Swing Machine Golf is Not Your Average Golf Book

If you think that golf instruction books are a waste of money because none of them has ever helped to improve your game, you may be interested to know that Swing Machine Golf was specifically designed to succeed where other books have failed. The instruction in Swing Machine Golf was written, tested, re-written and re-tested over a two-year period until I was convinced it could be easily understood and mastered by those who read it without the need for private lessons.

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With the 10 Easy Lessons in Swing Machine Golf:

  • You'll finally understand the simple "cause and effect" of the golf swing by learning how the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron each control a different aspect of ball flight.
  • You'll learn how to add the Iron Byron's three key swing elements at every stage of the golf swing to maximize your chances of returning the clubface square to the ball at impact on a "consistent" basis.
  • You'll learn how to know when you're doing things right by monitoring your own body positions and muscle feelings
  • You'll learn to recognize how "human nature" will attempt to sabotage your golf swing and how to prevent this from happening to you.
  • You'll learn how to practice the content of each lesson until it becomes automatic so you can play a round of golf without "analysis paralysis."
  • You'll learn how to diagnose and fix your own swing faults just by watching your ball flight and applying one of more of the Iron Byron's 3 key swing elements to fix it.

Simple descriptions of body positions and built in feedback, plus lots of big pictures, make it easy to verify that you are doing things right.

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Your Ultimate Full-Swing Reference Guide

Swing Machine Golf is a handsome 205-page book with more than 400 color photographs. The color photographs show you what swing positions to copy exactly, and black and white photos to show you the common mistakes to avoid.

The book contains 10 lesson chapters that quickly and easily teach you how to incorporate the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron at every stage of your swing, from grip and setup right through to the finish position ... this is the part of the book that builds consistency in your golf swing.

It also includes five special chapters that teach you:

  • How to trigger your downswing to automatically start your body uncoiling on the correct swing path ... I give you 3 options to try ... use the one that works best for you (pages 112-125)
  • How to cure your slice or hook ... once you've learned how to apply the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron to your swing, this fix can usually happen in the time it takes to hit two buckets of balls (pages 126-133)
  • How to practice properly on the range ... most people do this all wrong and end up ingraining their old swing instead of their new one (pages 134-139)
  • How to take your new swing to the golf course ... and how to overcome performance hurdles like breaking 100, 90 or 80 for the first time (pages 140-147)
  • How to identify your own swing flaws and how to fix them using the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron ... includes cures for 14 major faults such as slicing, hooking, topping, pulling, shanking, skying, hitting it fat, and hitting it thin (pages 148-177)

An Incredible Value!

I want everyone in the world to experience the true simplicity of the Iron Byron's 3 key swing elements and the "consistency" they can bring to the golf swing. I realize that not everyone can travel to see me for lessons, and not everyone can afford my lesson fees. That's why I included everything I know about the full swing and the 3 secrets of the Iron Byron in Swing Machine Golf.

Furthermore ... knowing that I couldn't be there to personally watch over everyone who orders the book, I included sections in every lesson that help you know when your are doing things right.

The cover price of the book is $US 49.95 -- a small fraction of the $US 1,200.00 it would cost to learn it from me in person.

If you add the 3 elements of Iron Byron to your golf swing, you will become a better golfer.

George Manning
Creator of Iron Byron



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Remember, Swing Machine Golf works for all ages and all body types. All you have to do to start hitting the golf ball straighter and farther with much less effort, is to add the 3 elements of Iron Byron to your golf swing. It really is as easy as 1-2-3 with the instruction in Swing Machine Golf.