About Paul Wilson and Swing Machine Golf

I began my career as a golf teaching professional in 1991 once I became a member of the Canadian PGA. I quickly paul-waist-uprose to the top ranks of Canadian teachers, becoming the featured instructor for Score Golf TV and Score Golf Magazine (the Canadian equivalent to Golf Digest).

After a couple of guest appearances on the Golf Channel’s Academy Live program, I moved to the United States to set up my first Swing Machine Golf school in Overland Park, Kansas.

In 2010, I moved to Las Vegas to start the Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear's Best Las Vegas. I offer 3 day golf schools as well as private lessons that teach you the 3 elements of the Iron Byron.
About Swing Machine Golf

In 2002, I teamed up with Top Toronto Marketing Consultant Ken Steven at Storytrend Publishing to write and publish the Swing Machine Golf book which so far has sold over 80,000 copies to golfing enthusiasts in 57 countries around the world.

In early 2006, Ken and I released the Swing Machine Golf DVD Video Series for the full swing. Throughout 2007, I released each of 4 DVD videos dedicated to bringing you the Swing Machine Golf Short Game method. If you're interested in this series, please make sure you indicate this in the shopping cart with your order. Once you do, you'll be able to incorporate my Swing Machine Golf method into your whole game!

Swing Machine Golf Receives Rave Reviews

Swing Machine Golf was introduced in 2002 as a top-quality instruction book. It quickly caught the eye of Golf Tips Magazine. They liked it so much they ran a 6-page excerpt in their August-September 2003 issue. Golf Digest listed Swing Machine Golf as ‘Recommended Reading’ in their July 2004 issue. Then George Peper, former editor-in-chief of Golf Magazine, included Swing Machine Golf as one of the ’47 Holy Grails’ in his 2005 book, ‘The Secret of Golf’. It didn’t take long for the first printing of Swing Machine Golf to sell out given all these high profile endorsements.

Biographical Data

Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada
Turned Professional: 1991
C.P.G.A. Class A – Teaching Professional
C.P.G.A. Apprentice Program 1991-1995

Career Background

Founder – Ignition Golf
Director – Paul Wilson Golf School at Bear’s Best Las Vegas (2010 – present)
Director of Instruction – The Broadmoor Swing Machine Golf Academy (2007)
Director of Instruction – Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate – (2002 – 2006)
Director of Instruction – Angus Glen Golf Club (1996-2001)
Apprentice – Cataraqui Country Club, Kingston Ontario (1994 – 1995)
Apprentice – Conestoga Country Club, Conestoga Ontario (1993)
Apprentice – Elmira Golf Club, Elmira Ontario (1991 – 1992)


1997 Ontario “Teacher of the Year”
1997 Ontario Eastern Region “Teacher of the Year”


2 Guest Appearances On the Golf Channel’s, Academy Live Program 1999 – 2000
Featured in Golf Tips Magazine Aug./Sept. 2003
Co-host – Colorado Golf Weekly (2006 – 2007)
Co-host – “Golf Links Radio” on 610 Sports & 1510 Talk Radio, Kansas City (2003 – 2005)
Instruction Editor – Midwest Golf Links Magazine 2005
Contributing writer for Kansas City Sports & Fitness Magazine(2004 – 2006)
Golf Tips on Fox 4 – Kansas City – year 2002
2002 Guest on 810 Sports Radio – Kansas City
Instruction Editor – Scoregolf.com 2001-2002
Director of Instruction – Score Golf TV 2000-2002
Monthly contributor – Score Golf Magazine
Guest Appearance on Canadian Living Television March 2001
Series of Golf Tips for Prime Television Network year 2000
Golf tips heard weekly on the syndicated “Fairways” golf radio show
Co-host – Talk 640 – Golf Radio Show – Toronto
Air Canada – In Cabin Golf Tips
Cover – Score Magazine – 1999 & 2001


Founder - Ignition Golf Tips
Creator - The Body Swing (2016)
Founder - HowToHitDriver.com
Producer – Swing Machine Golf 4 DVD Series (2005)
Producer – Swing Machine Golf Short Game Series (2007)
Author – Swing Machine Golf Book (2002)
Author – Golf Like the Pros – (2000)
Producer – Golf Like the Pros 3 Video Series (2000)
Inventor – Puttacup – indoor practice putting aid (1983)